France: Stop Sex Terrorist Gay Bashing

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Stop Sex Terrorist Gay Bashing -
or: Does Religion revoke Enlightenment?

Gay bashing is part on the series on BDSM and society

As a feminist sadist Sir Cameron is very sympathetic towards the LGBTQ movement. Not only do I think that the kinky community has a lot in common with it, the LGBTQ movement as a whole also functions as a showcase on how BDSM eventually could be integrated in Western society and figuratively can come out of their dungeons. The current gay-bashings in France and elsewhere sort of function as a test case for the market; whose barometer readings unfortunately forecast stormy weather.

The current attacks on same-sex-couples in France are very disturbing. The rise of violence against gay and lesbian people seems directly related with the attitudes of the French people with regard to the legalisation of same-sex-marriage. More serious injustice is being done daily, and no one protests against it. But when a loving couple wishes to marry, the streets get flooded. Why is that?

Why is it, that so many years after the Enlightenment sexual liberty is still a prospective condition for many who have alternate sexual orientations and urges? Why have the major discoveries in science with regard to genetics, foetal development theory and evolutionary psychology not changed the world? Why do we allow ideas that are meant to bring order to the world, instead bring chaos?

I think we can identify at least three causes: 1) conservative politics, 2) fundamentalist religious doctrine, 3) repressed sexual instinct.

In France the mainstream of the people and the politicians are no longer opposed to same-sex marriage. In good democratic fashion they attempt to change the laws according to the will of the majority. The opposition has of course the right to have themselves heard, which they did in the form of public protest and debates in the media. However, the battle now moved to the streets. This perhaps indicates that there is something so terribly wrong in alternative sexuality that it prompts some citizens to go against their own democratic principles – if they have any. The voice of the people seems not to be reason, or a functioning electoral representation; instead in practise the voice of the people is blind relentless violence and hatred.

As such violence is part of democracy, but it continues to stand for an element that is endangering its inner dynamics; such hatred against sane and consenting persons that wish to fasten their relationship of love in a legal marriage is extremely worrisome. As if our culture is not under enough threat because of economic decay and the menace of terrorism.

Perhaps I am a little bold here, but it seems to me that we can find more than just a few similarities in terrorism and violent gay-bashing. I repeat in a slightly altered form:  1) a culture of political correctness that is not able to state matters of fact in a clear and undisputable way; 2) fundamentalist religious doctrines that contain elements that are intrinsically directed at undermining the democratic order; 3) repressed sexuality, leading to neurotic people monitoring others instead of enjoying in the share of happiness that others are blessed with.

Having been part of a very exclusive and strict Christian movement for decades, I know from personal experience that one can look at Scriptures for guidance. The problem is not the text and their ancient context as such, but rather what we do with it today; how we read such texts and what we think what is meant by it for us in our present time is largely dependent on the religious community you participate in. I do not think that there is a direct relationship between a certain religion and the current outbreak of hostilities in France, but rather that conservative doctrine creates a certain sub-cultures; an environment in which hate, fear and condemnation of freedoms of others are flourishing.

It is the task of such religious communities to engage in their social duties; behave like democratic citizens, respect the laws that provide freedom of partner choice and channel the religious energy that arises from inner conflicts into a vessel of good purpose. Unfortunately, religions tend to have a blind eye with regard to issues that go against their view on truth. Nowhere is this more obvious as when it is about sex.

Sexuality is something that we share, a form of communion, and if this is done willingly and with mutual respect it can be a source of great joy and intimacy that empowers us and gives us a positive feeling about being loved and cared for. This grossly goes for all people, all races, all genders, all sexual orientations and all urges. As such, it is utterly human to have sex; our species even depends on it. Repressing sexuality, by laws, doctrines or violence, reflects an attitude that basically wishes to place one conviction over the other, often in the name of truth.

The truth, however, is that the majority of the people in the Western world have reached a position of laissez faire - to use a good French expression. Live and let live; and for sure, what does it bother the people in the next town who we are sleeping with? It is neither their concern, nor their responsibility, but ours. In a democracy we make laws that enable the freedom to equally exert our legal rights; we protect the weak against harm and enable those in need to help themselves.

The fear that allowing same-sex couples to marry will lead to perversions is simply wrong and cannot convincingly be backed up with evidence. Perversions rather are our cup of tea, yet the BDSM community is neither the result nor the cause of the LGBTQ movement, nor the other way around. If there is one connection, it is that of having been repressed in past and current times; a repression that goes hand in hand with sex-negativism; a lurking dark power preying on our enlightened freedoms.

Like in the time of the witch hunts - that were aimed at suppressing women to enfold their intellectual and social qualities in a way that suited their feminine virtues - the repressive institutions today have internal battles on matters of morality and correct exegesis of historical texts. A common enemy is required to disguise their own deplorable condition and the lack of argumentation against what they battle; a battle now fought by some with primitive fists showing a regression from reasonable argumentation.

Like during the witch hunts, the actual gay-bashing is pathetic display of repressed sexual emotions. The inquisitors ‘penetrated’ the witches with their tools and question so they would come up with middle age porn stories of intercourse with animals, demons or the devil, or – unimaginable! - with themselves; in case you ever wondered why witches are often displayed with brooms between their legs.

Now again, the alleged perversions that are projected on those with undesired behaviour are used for masking the inability of religious movements to adequately deal with modern instances of women rights, LBGTQ sexuality or female positions of power. At the same time it is tried to mask the ongoing trail of sexual abuse and rape of children and women. This not only still continues in Christian or Moslim culture, also in Hindu India we see the seeds of intolerance rise up in the name of the good and holy.

Therefore, it is not the LGBTQ and BDSM community that causes perversion; it is the perversion of the good and holy by a negative bunch of back-seat drivers that defend archaic ideals with archaic methods that is a truly pervert and disgusting thing.

Stop the sex-terrorists!

Yours truly,

Sir Cameron

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