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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A spontaneous blog on Christmas eve …

Qustion: “Why aren't there as many Indian porn stars”

Answer: “Because Indians have good morals and to do or be a part of the porn industry is considered "bad form". And it's considered a "dirty" thing to do.”

While reading a Q&A on Yahoo, I stumbled over the above question why there are so few Indian porn stars. Well, if you have ever seen Indian porn – undoubtedly from Bollywood – you know the answer; it sucks big time.

But that is not the main reason, why I started to write this blog. It was the answer that did trigger a certain reaction in me and caused me to protest.

Indians have ‘good’ morals
Rape in India is one of India's most common crimes against women. Marital rape is not a criminal offense. Sexual violence within marriage is common, with 20% of men admitting to forcing their wives … to have sex. A rape occurs every twenty to twenty-two minutes (source: WikiPedia).

Beg your pardon, but good old Hinduism morals do not seem to suit modernity any better as the sex-negative message of Christianity.

Porn is a ‘dirty’ thing to do
I object. There is in principal nothing wrong with sexuality as such, nor with porn, as long as it is seen in the proper perspective. Pornography is made for masturbation. Starting from this view, it becomes obvious to the smart observer that fantasy play is good to fuel our thoughts, but does not necessarily have to provide a guide or standard for normal sexual acts or relationships. Porn is not real in this sense: it is fake, played, staged and does not match the human needs that arise from a normal sexual relationship, like feelings of tenderness, romance, love and care. Instead, porn – or the most of it – display the same male chauvinist sexist convictions as we can and do find in its target groups. This lead to the funny thing, that porn - for its success - in a way is dependent on restrictive views on sexuality, like the ones we find in most delusive religions. (That’s one from Santa!)

Luckily, any sexually normal functioning persons knows this, just as they realize that the thing they love – viz. sex - is not bad, dirty, sick, pervert or sinful at all, but fun, once you bring in some reality. It is scary to trust and love other people, open up to them and take care to respect their needs and wished; but for your own sake, you better try it. Once love, care and respect are the base of our sex life, many of the hot and appealing things we find in porn are not that far away at all.
Trust, nearness, honesty and some dedication will show us way to learn what works for us and what does not. It is your life; do not let old religions or antique social conventions rule your sexuality. As long as you do nothing against the law or the will of your partners, enjoy what has been an essential part of humanity ever since we procreated.

Have a (f...) good Christmas!

Sir Cameron and his submissive reindeers …

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