The Clothed Lie

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The naked truth about a ‘clothed lie’ is that a ‘clothed lie’ is way more interesting than the ‘naked truth’. Not only is a ‘clothed lie’ much harder to discover - which leaves you with a nice challenge - but it also looks better when it is nicely wrapped up; and we all like good looks, don't we? And, above all; it is much easier to ‘sell’ lies than it is to ventilate truths. And believe me, I know it, as I tried it for years; you cannot make money with truth, as everybody has it own!

So, why is selling lies so easy? You might be shocked, but it is that easy for an obvious reason; once you sell people the lies and dreams they wish to believe in; they will simply believe you. In fact; once you connect to a person's imagination, the deal is almost done.

A naked lie, however, is as useless as a clothed truth. A truth that is not obvious, takes time to discover and when you find out about that truth, it often is no fun. A naked lie has nothing to discover, you see it, recognize it for what it is and go on with whatever you were doing.

This blog will be exclusively dealing with the dynamics involved with covered and uncovered truths and lies. This blog will be tackling themes that will likely lead to its quick removal, but let’s give it a try and test how far the limits of freedom of speech can be stretched …

‘The Clothed Lie’ Blog will be covering a lot of issues that might be disturbing your life. It may even change it. Yet, this is not the reason for it; in fact it does not even play a minor role, because it is completely your choice what you do with your life. This blog is not about making a fan base – but it would be nice to have one – nor about fuelling conspiracy theories or attack someone personally, on the contrary, this blog is serving the one and only goal to find the emperors new cloths.

The emperor is you and I and the new clothes are the mechanism we use to cover and uncover those parts of ourselves and our lives that we hold for true or false, but still care for. Remember that an obsession against something easily can mask a hidden love; so, yes, watching xxx is bad. Is it?

The new clothes, whether covering or invisible, also have to do with morality – a notoriously difficult topic. But trust me – and if not now, it will follow later – discussing ethics is also difficult, because the ones we already have, govern our actions. Morals seem to function like our mental immune system. Our task, as blogger and bloggee is to see if this immune system should be guided by our rational mind only (sort of Ayn Rand-ish position), or also by our gut feelings (motility).

Most of all, The Clothed Lie, will be fun, as thinking and uncovering is fun, just as lying is, but would you not know a lie when it comes to you, disguised as an informal blog?

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