Is the Dominion of Lord Cameron (DLC) a sect?

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Dominion court rules and centralized power

The dominion is sometimes seen as a sect, a cult-like organisation or even a harem, but Lord Cameron does not share this view. The mere fact, that we, as a community of DLC members, have our rules, is nothing special, after all, even social conventions like being polite or respect other people’s property can be seen as ‘rules’ even when they are not always written down in legislation or warranted by universal human rights. Thus, the fact, that dominion rules constitute -or underlie and ground- the Dominion space, both in virtual as in physical instances, is nothing that would make the Dominion of Lord Cameron get near a sect.

 Yet, one might object, there exists a principle of absolute rule, or at least a tendency to it. Which is of course true, after all, the Lord of the Dominion of Lord Cameron, is Lord Cameron. Nevertheless, also this centralization of power -in ruling, in court legislation, in control and in governing- is nothing that would make the DLC a sect, as centralized forms of authority are quite common. Centralized institutions that yield tremendous power over people are at the heart of our culture and its organisation, and none would call a government of a democracy, a monarch or a dictator a sect because of the centralization of power.

 But then, others might rebuke, that there are rituals, and rules, initiations, titles, a court and training for members, all combined with spirituality and ethical fucking, could render the Dominion a sect. Again, these particularities of the DLC can be seen with some religious or otherwise social groups, like clubs, orders or private educational institutes; the fact that we share certain aspects of sects, does not render us a sect.

So, what is a sect?

For the purpose of this post, it will suffice to see a sect rendered about a particular person or teaching. The former may be rather a cult, where one person or a class of persons are revered, but Lord Cameron neither requires worship -even when slaves are allowed to do so- or stands, as a person, in the middle of the contents of the teachings.

This later, could possibly contain a dogmatic component, but as the core teachings of the DLC are sex-positive feminism, ethical non-monogamy and sex-magickal rituals derived from mysticism and neo-paganism, such teachings can neither be labels dogmatic, nor are they regarded as an absolute truth. On the contrary, the whole educational part of the DLC court is directed at finding explanations and guidelines for how the dominion members can best live out their kink.

So seen, the DLC is not dogmatic, but experiential. And it is not a sect, but rather a synodal council, in the sense of a σύνοδος (sunodos), which is derived from an σύν (sun) = together and ὁδός (hodos) = the way, or path. DLC is a play group with ethics, written guidelines and several mechanisms to find the best way together, as a group of players, couples, mates, friends and lovers.

Just because we regard the DLC as a safe space playground to experiment with our bodies, urges, perversions, sexuality and do this in a safe, sane and sound way through rituals, education, workshops and multi-player roleplay according to script, does not make us a sect; it makes us a playgroup or a pack.

It sets us apart, and that is intended. It gives us a framework, and that is required. It gives us a community, and that is nice. All of this enables us to enfold, love and enjoy in a way that runs and plays according to our wishes.

And, last but not least, the mere fact, that the dominion, in principle is open for other dominions, harems, lordships, 24/7 pairs and playgroups -provided during play, their standards comply with our DLC court rules- does already show, that we are not a closed, secretive and exclusive sect at all, but simply wanted to do at tad differently as mainstream sex-dominated kink. And this is not only our good right, but also a smart praxis, as it helps us to reflect in such ways, that relational drama can be minimized, friendships maintained, and personal growth endorsed.

DLC and the foundations of the realms of fiction and praxis

In addition, it should be understood, that the DLC as documented in fiction about Sir Cameron and other tops are first and before all prose which plays in a virtual realm that does not have to, nor always does reflect empirical reality. As such, to derive Dominion praxis from text that is intended as literature, is not an idea Lord Cameron does endorse.

The literature about Sir Cameron et.all., are stories and should be treated as fantasy; it is intended to create emotions in the readers, and to communicate and explore concepts in order to enjoy it as sexually tinted amusement, but the literal should not be taken too literal. The world of thinking acts that expand and thrive in our minds, is quite another realm as that of down to earth kinky praxis of real persons playing responsibly and consensual with other real persons.

First in play-space, we enter into our roles and by voluntary exchange of power. It is there, that we limit our world to a special space, with tops and bottoms, it’s own framework of acts and actions and where we reduce and objectify the playpartner(s) according to our will.

When we are done playing, we find ourselves touched, changed and moved. Out of respect, care, fondness, love and friendship, we wish to return to come back in normal space where we are equals again, even when we sometimes struggle to see things as they are. Which is normal, as we do play kinky scenes in order to display such parts of our identity with glee. Waking up from a dream -or a nasty, but very orgasmic ‘nightmare’- is thus often connected with a notion of ‘game over’ loss. Yet, we know the pathways to bliss and we can anytime opt to play the game again. Provides we have the currency, the goods and the guts to radically go beyond frontiers and explore our hearts and that of our fellow travelers.


That’s all folks, play safe and enjoy

Sir Cameron, supreme Lord of the Domion (DLC)


Those open to learn more, can contact Sir Cameron in a personal message.

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